Check below for links to other carillon groups, bell foundries, and even where to buy new carillon music!


The Guild of Carillonneurs in North America

The McLane Carillon at Baylor University

The Baird Memorial Carillon at Texas Tech University

The World Carillon Federation

Flemish Carillon Guild

Guild of Carillonneurs and Campanologists of Switzerland (GCCS)

John Taylor Bell Founders

Verdin Company, responsible for the installation of the Kniker Carillon

Meeks, Watson & Company

Petit and Fritsen Foundry, the company that cast the Kniker Carillon’s bells in 1987

The Cornell Chimes

Fonderie Paccard

Royal Eijsbouts (The Netherlands)

Links to European Foundries

Sather Tower Carillon at UC Berkeley

Charles Baird Carillon at the University of Michigan

Beaumont Tower Carillon at Michigan State University

Century Tower Carillon at the University of Florida

Clemson Memorial Carillon in South Carolina

Royal Carillon School ‘Jef Denyn’ (Belgium)

Lemmens Institute (Belgium)

Carillon Instituut Nederland

National Carillon Museum (The Netherlands)

Carillon, entry in Grove Music Online

American Carillon Music Editions (where we buy most of our music)

The Guild of Student Carillonneurs (University of Chicago)

Dansk Klokkemuseum